A Hybrid Juice Diet, 2 Kilos Lost, and A Psychoanalytic Kindle Book!

Well another week passed on our ‘hybrid diet’ and I’ve done lots of gardening and practical stuff, walked most mornings around Kumlubük, and perhaps not surprisingly I’ve lost two more kilos.

What’s more I’ve been the main cook during this past fortnight, not that what I’ve been producing has required lots of culinary skill – but I do make a very attractive looking salad, which sometimes has been dressed up with a little smoked fish, or some kind of egg dish.

Today, Mother’s Day in Turkey, we had a real treat because Damla cooked a wonderful chocolate cake. Normally, we wouldn’t eat anything this rich, but as it was a celebration, and one which Amazon, and her friend Fatma Nur worked so hard to make perfect, somehow it was just the right thing.

I had a third thing to celebrate other than Mother’s Day and my weight loss  — at last my book Photography and Psychoanalysis: Developing a Psychology of Effective Image Making, is published on Kindle.

Unfortunately, I cocked up the formatting of the description and although that’s now corrected the changes haven’t yet worked their way through Amazon’s system, so there are some faults on the sales page . . . but I’m sure it will come right in the end.

Here’s the video promo announcing ‘Photography and Psychoanalysis’. We had lots of fun, and worked with wonderful people making it. Click through and watch it now:


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