A Proposed Cover for New Nurturing Potential

Years ago Joe Sinclair and Michael Mallows founded a little journal and named it  ‘Nurturing Potential’. It did rather well, and pushed on for several years publishing articles and book reviews about business and personal development, spiritual health, clean language, and a host of other wholesome things.

Nothing lasts forever and so now it’s been some years since an issue was published.

Imagine my surprise, a month or so, back – when I learned that Joe and Michael are thinking of reviving the journal and adding ‘the arts’ into the mix!

Well seeing is believing, but Joe has asked me for a cover design, and yesterday I reviewed 3 specialist encyclopedias published by Sage Inc, to be included in the re-launch issue.

Here’s my proposed cover graphic.

Cover for New Nurturing Potential, phot and design by Stephen Bray

Cover for New Nurturing Potential

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