A Wedding For Aydin And Sezgin

Aydın and Sezgin provided all the technical support for my portfolio for Trees and Sky earlier this year. From their unassuming shop near Migros in Marmaris they organised all my prints both large and small. Many professional photographers use them in Marmaris.

Today, however, it was their turn to have the lens turned upon them because after a long and busy season they were married!

Here are some shots grabbed with the EP-2 and an assortment of lenses.

A Turkish Wedding

The Registrar Asks The Critical Question

A Traditional Wedding In A Modern Setting

Sezgin Is The First To Answer

The Registrar Asks The Groom If He Consents To Marriage

Then It Is Aydın’s Turn

The Registrar Goes To All Kinds Of Venues To Officiate At Weddings In Turkey

The Registrar Appears Satisfied

The bride signs the marriage register

Sezgin Signs The Marriage Register

The Groom Is Called a Damat In Turkish

Followed by Aydın

Every Bride Has Her Day!

Sezgin Seems Pleased

The Registrar Gives Her Blessing At A Turkish Wedding

The Registrar Gives Her Blessing

A Happy Bride and Groom

Aydın and Sezgin Are Elated

The Bride And Groom Are Clearly In Love

It’s Love All Over Again!

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