Amos: Our Drive To Save The Planet

Low Energy Light Bulb

Low Power From Now On!

Yesterday, when I was writing about saving a tree I had forgotten that Irem and I have been busy doing our bit for the environment. The last time we were at Ümraniye Carrefour we stocked up on low energy light bulbs and this week I have been busily installing them.

If you don’t know anything about these bulbs I should let you know that not only do they come in two principal styles, ‘long’, and ‘spiral’, but also different colour temperatures. If, like us, you rather liked the warm light of your tungsten bulbs then you need to select the same temperature when buying your low energy equivalent. Failure to do so results in bland white light that does nothing to please your eyeballs.

It’s amazing just how many light bulbs there are even in a small house like ours. I bought plenty of bulbs but I’m still four bulbs short!

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  1. ASLI Says:


    I’m Asli from the white houses, a silent daily reader of your blog. Irem will definetly remember me as mother of Serra (friend of Amazon).
    We’ll hopely be back in Amos on 23 April, though for 5 days only:)
    My point is if you write me the brand and exact specification of the light bulbs I’d be happy to bring some with me from Istanbul if they are not available in Marmaris or Turunç.

    Lots of love from Serra to Amazon, she’s looking forward to get there and meet her again.

    Ciao from cloudy grey Istanbul.

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