Are all Tweeple Potty?

It’s been a few years since I signed up for a Twitter account and today I have around 10,000 followers, although this may alter if any of them read this! Many of these were acquired through the simple expedient of following people who share my interests. They in due course followed me back, but some came through people finding me.

A week, or so, ago I analysed those whom I was following and found many to be inactive accounts, some spammers, some porn stars, and frankly I was following too many people to be able to identify real messages from friends. As a result I unfollowed lots of people on Twitter.

This naturally resulted in many unfollowing me, since Twitter etiquette says it’s polite to follow those who follow you. That said, I started using Twitter again and reconnected with lots of familiar tweeple.

Some whom I unfollowed took offence although no sleight was intended. One guy was having a particularly bad day. His profile claimed him to be a Christian but his last dozen, or so, tweets were a diatribe against all who had unfollowed him recently, and he named each account.

Now it appears to me that Twitter etiquette is a bit soppy. Of course it’s good to get to know anyone who is following you, but when many of your followers are unavailable for conversation and simply send you a stream of adverts what’s the point?

When I meet someone in a bar and they try to sell me a car, a get rich scheme, a property, or even sexual favours few are offended when I say I’m not interested. How so on Twitter?

So where am I now?

Slowly I’m following those who find me, after all it was by this method that I met many of my close Twitter friends the first time round.

Already some spammers and porn stars are cluttering up my inbox!

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