Awake Each Day With A Glad Heart

Awake with a Glad Heart ~ Birmingham, U.K.

During the three weeks I spent in Europe I saw a number of quaint items pinned to people’s walls. This one seemed most appropriate for today.

This is because yesterday I found my ‘efficient’ Italian travel agent had sold me a ticket for Wednesday, and told me that it was for Thursday. This resulted in me having to buy a new ticket for Euro 170 at the airport.

But what the hell ~ I got home didn’t I?

The plane didn’t fall from the sky. My images of Le Marche arrived with me as did all the memories of the meals and conversations I had experiences with friends and relatives alike.

Today the sun shines, the sky is blue as I prepare for the final leg of my journey, a coach journey down to Içmeler.

Alarm code 1864

Alarm Code 1864 ~ Bristol U.K.

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