Blogging: A WordPress Catastrophe

Pebbles From Paradise has been alive for two years now and relies on WordPress as the engine to present its wisdom. Unfortunately all software must be updated from time-to-time, and although updating WordPress is usually painless, this last time it has practically driven me to give-up blogging!

The reason for my displeasure is that the latest upgrade WordPress 2.2 is Anglo-Centric. It neither recognizes common European accents, nor more obscure Turkish ones!

Suddenly many of my early posts became unreadable, following the upgrade. WordPress no longer appeared to accept the UTF-8 coding and had reverted to Swedish-Roman, or some such beast.

A quick browse through WordPress Forums showed that many more Europeans than I had experienced problems. There is even a plug-in module that ‘fixes it’, (sort of).

Unfortunately the plug-in isn’t perfect and it’s possible to lose whole paragraphs whilst it attempts to identify a single accented character.

Pity really that I didn’t read this before using the module. Unfortunately there are now undoubtedly errors in past entries.

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