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Photography: An Exhibition About Art And Nature

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I like to take pictures whenever I can. I enjoy making images. Unlike some who regard photography simply as a business I enjoy what I do. The images I make are mainly for my own satisfaction. I don’t care if I sell them, or not, in this way I’m not restricted to making pictures that […]

Dereozu ~ More On Manganese Mining In Turkey

Monday, December 27th, 2010

How Much Longer Will He Be Able To Enjoy Dereozu? On Christmas Eve Irem and I ventured into the mountains behind us in order to buy honey. We spent over two hours in the home of one of the bee keeping families. They are members of the ancient Yoruk people who settled in the region […]

Dereozu ~ Exploratory Manganese Works

Friday, January 29th, 2010

The Turkish Government proposes to issue licences for forty, or so, strip mining sites for the excavation of manganese ore from the forests above Turunc. This is what they have in mind.

May's Featured Photographer is: Stephen Bray
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