Complete Short Films Index From Pebbles From Paradise:

The following short films are posted at in DivX DVD format. DivX is a video compression format that provides excellent quality in a greatly reduced disk space. To format your films will require the DivX editor, which is simple to use and costs less than $20.00. They will play on many DVD players but look out for the DivX logo to ensure comparability. A free player is downloadable to enable you to view movies on your computer. Visit the DivX Homepage! to buy DivX Pro, find DivX Certified Electronics Devices, or download the Free DivX plug-in and player!

The Storm At Amos: The very first film in the series. A winter storm envelopes Amos, this is typical winter weather for Mediterranean Marmaris.

The Flowers Of Amos: A slide show consisting of images taken within a few yards from the front door.

Istanbul: A Slideshow by BRAY Initial slides in an ongoing project. Part street photography, part street landscape, or what you will!

A Tribute To Jack Hargreaves: A mini episode of Southern Television’s popular series narrated by BRAY.

Are Turkish Men Worth It? Damlanur Abaan and Irem Bray chew the fat!

Using RAW Therapee To Process Fuji FinePix E-900 Files A short film demonstrating the power of RAW Therapee, which includes a section on how to set-up the FinePix E-900 to capture RAW files.

Ebru: Refelections of Cultural Diversity in Turkey by Attila Durak An illustrated review of this wonderful book of images the many races and religions that make up contemporary Turkey.

BRAY Introduces His Career As A Family Therapist On Hilal TV In February 2008 the Turkish International television station Hilal TV made a show lasting more than hour about Bray’s first career as a family therapist. In this excerpt Bray explains that he started working professionally with families when he was just 17 years of age!

What Is English Culture? What Is Turkish Culture? When Saliha Erdim the presenter of Hilal TV’s Hanim Efendi programme asks about the cultural differences between England and Turkey BRAY uses a culinary metaphor.

Living The Illusion BRAY explains how most of us live in illusion on Turkey’s Hilal TV. We believe that we are people taking our own decisions when in fact most of us are acting out of social conditioning including the influence of today’s pervasive advertising.

What You See Depends Upon Where You Look When asked what kinds of phenomena make people unhappy, or cause problems BRAY says that where and how you look at any system will determine the answers you find.

May's Featured Photographer is: Stephen Bray
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