Dare You Swim In Paradise?

From Amos Beach  To The Aquarium Amos Bay, Turunç, Near Marmaris, Turkey is comprised of two beaches. Both of these are private. Amos Beach is the home of Amos Beach Club which provides an efficient service to customers on the beach, and also those coming ashore from the regular boat services from Marmaris and Turunç. But there is also a second, more secluded and less accessible, beach called ‘The Aquarium’.

To reach ‘The Aquarium’ one must either walk down a steep flight of steps via the private housing estate above it, or come by sea. Visitors are not encouraged. You will not be permitted to put ashore by boat and the bay is protected by a boom. The Aquarium has a shower, but lacks other facilities, since it services the houses on the estate built above it.

We rarely go to The Aquarium with Amazon because to do so has always required either a push-chair, or a back-pack and both are hard work on the steep stairs down to the sand. But Amazon is now getting her water wings, and recently Irem swam to the Aquarium with the aid of a small inflatable float.

Inspired by Amazon’s adventure I thought that I would swim to The Aquarium from Amos Beach. Damla does this regularly early in the morning. Phillip, Jocelyn, Rebecca, and Josie decided to join her. We arranged that after swimming they would come to our house for breakfast and by ten to eight we were all in the water.

The sea was a beautiful deep purple blue but surprisingly warm. It seemed to fit my body like a hand in a familiar old glove.

Years ago in London I attended a workshop where for some reason we were asked to discuss in pairs how we would prefer to die. My partner in this exercise told me that she would like to take several tabs of LSD, slip into the ocean and swim toward the sunset.

This seemed to me a crazy notion, but then I had learned to swim in England in an unheated outdoor swimming pool. It smelt of chlorine and also the effluent from two chemical toilet buckets which were part of the facilities. That pool certainly is not a place to take LSD, or to die.

But this morning, whilst swimming toward The Aquarium with my friends I understood my partner’s expiration fantasy. On such a morning as this, in such a place, and in such company the world is at peace even if chaos reigns elsewhere.

Jocelyn and Becky probably would not agree, for as we moved out into the deep water they turned back to Amos Beach. Phillip, Becky and I pressed on. Damla was just a pin head in the distance making a fast overarm crawl toward The Aquarium. Josie wasn’t wearing flippers and is only nine years old so Phillip and I weren’t going for any records.

It took us about fifteen minutes to reach The Aquarium, and around ten minutes to return to Amos Beach. On the way back my left leg developed a severe cramp but I didn’t communicate this to Phillip as I didn’t want Becky to ‘freak out’ as we were at the time in deep water. Instead I simply turned over on my back, wiggled my toes as best I could and waited for three or four minutes to pass and for the leg to return to normal.

Amazon and Irem slept through this adventure but Irem soon put the kettle on as when we arrived back at the house. Even without black pudding never was a better tasting breakfast eaten at Amos, Nr. Turunç.

6 Responses to “Dare You Swim In Paradise?”

  1. Beril and Alpay Says:

    Dear Stephen,
    This is a very good work for Amos and Aquarium Bay. Keep up the good work but do not make it very crowded.

    Thank you.

  2. Stephen Bray Says:

    Ok you two,

    I’ll write about the sewage plant next time ~ that should keep the blighters out 😉

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