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If you own a digital compact camera, and especially a Fuji FinePix® E900 you’ve found a home. Every competent photographer knows that it’s not the camera that makes, or breaks, a photograph – you must first see the picture in your mind. e900photography is the ability to rapidly conceive a picture and take a photograph that may, perhaps with some digital manipulation, resemble what you imagined.

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The Perfect Travelling Companion

e900photography.com will help you to see better photographs demonstrating how you can take them with your E900 compact digital camera. It goes without saying that I like the Fuji FinePix® E900. It’s changed the way that I think about taking photographs. My E900 is always with me. When I see a picture the E900 starts up in the time I can remove the camera from the case on my belt and bring it to the eye.

The E900’s fire-up time is fast. This was one of the reasons I chose the E900 as my compact camera.

Before I made my purchase I trawled the web looking for other Finepix users so that I could see what they were achieving with the camera. To my surprise there were very few reviews and even less information about how to get the best from the Finepix® E900. This web site is built to pay proper tribute to the loyal and constant friend who his always with me.

When you have an idea for a more formal shot you can quickly assemble the elements and in a few steps be taking test shots with far more ease than is possible using Polaroid. Sometimes the results are so good that you may be tempted to use the pictures taken with the FinePix® E900 rather than with ‘professional’ cameras.

Even as a published professional I missed many newsworthy photographs simply because I had left my equipment at home because it was too cumbersome, or loaded with the wrong film. The FinePix® E900 steps past these problems. It has usable ‘digital film speeds’ from very fine resolution slow, [80 ISO], to a fast and usable [800 ISO], which can be pushed even higher using techniques described elsewhere on this web site.

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