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As soon as you receive your Fujifilm® FinePix® E900 you will want to put it through its paces. Wait a few minutes, read this first, print it out and follow these guidelines.



Check The Box Contents To Ensure Everything Is There

An E900 straight out of the box . . .

The box should contain:

1. Your FinePix® E900 digital compact camera

2. A wrist strap

3. The Owner’s Manual

4. Two Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries

5. A small charger that will accept the two Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries

6. A camera to video connection cable, which enables you to connect your E900 to most TVs, for on screen viewing and playing video clips.

7. A camera to computer [USB] cable to enable you to download images from the E900 to your computer.

8. An 16 MB SD card, that is woefully inadequate for a camera of this caliber, [see below]

9. A CD containing FinePix® Viewer software

Preparing The Camera To Take Your First Picture

There are some essential things you must know before attempting to use your new camera.

Firstly, as the E900 is unfamiliar to your hands there is some danger that you might drop it. Fit the wrist strap to the lug to the side of the camera.

Secondly, the N-Mi batteries need to be fully charged and although they will have some power in them it’s best not to use them for your first outing unless you’ve charged them first.

Thirdly, when you power the camera up for the first time you may be prompted to set the time and date. If so press the ‘MENU OK’ button to access the menu. The procedure is simple and intuitive.

Fourthly, the factory setting for the E900 is the [lower], NORMAL 9 megapixel setting. This compresses the file more when saving your image on to save space on the SD Card. However you will lose some quality when you use this setting. Certainly when examining your first images it’s wise to select the FINE setting, which produces a better image at higher magnification.

Fifthly, the XD Card that comes with your camera will record only six images in NORMAL mode, and three images in FINE mode. It’s enough to test your camera, but not adequate for serious shooting.

There is only one solution to the lack of storage space on the supplied XD picture card. You must immediately buy a larger one. The best thing to do is to purchase one with the largest capacity you can afford. This is because sometime in your adventures with the camera you will want to experiment with processing RAW images from the camera. A RAW image from the E900 uses over 18 MB of space, which means that only three RAW images may be stored on a 64 MB SD card, or 54 images on a 1GB card. 228 images may be stored on a 1 GB SDcard in FINE JPG mode.

Changing the default setting for saving JPG images is easy. Simply turn the camera on and press the button at the bottom fight of the camera’s rear, it’s the one marked ‘F’. A menu will appear. Using the button above the ‘F’, [it’s marked with the lightning flash], toggle the menu’s cursor to the right hand column and move it up using the button near the lightning flash that is marked with a green dustbin. Press ‘F’ again to complete the operation.

Changing the default E900 setting from
Normal JPG to Fine JPG

You are now one step from taking your first pictures with this camera. All you need now is to power it up ~ to do so purchase some AA Duracell, or Hi Power Photo Batteries and insert them into the compartment at the base of the camera. You can insert your new SD card at the same time.

Rotate the selector knob on the top of the camera to the setting marked ‘N’ and the world is yours. In this mode the E900 will make all the difficult choices for you, including setting the ISO speed, the shutter speed and aperture setting. The flash doesn’t fire in this mode so it’s great for truly atmospheric photographs. Macro photography is possible, and the results are very good even in difficult lighting conditions. I recommend this [N] mode for taking your first twenty, or so, images, until you’ve become used to the position of the E900’s basic controls.

Enjoy your camera, and good shooting :-)


The E900 Brochure, and The E900 Owners’s Manual as Adobe PDFs

If you need fuller details of the specification and workings of the Fujifilm® FinePix® E900 Fujifilm have made the Brochure, Owner’s Manual and Quick Start Guide available as downloadable Adobe® PDF files.

You can download the E900 brochure, Owner’s Manual or Quick Start Guide from this link: FujiFilm® Support US E900 product download page

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