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The Fuji FinePix E900 is a compact digital camera with a superb lens and an excellent CCD, [‘digital film’], sensor. It weighs 200 grams, [just over 7 oz.] excluding batteries. It runs on 2 x AA batteries that can be bought anywhere in the world but comes supplied with two rechargeable Ni-MH cells and a wall charger. It will also run directly from the mains via an optional 3 volt adapter.

The Fuji FinePix E900
The Fujfilm® FinePix® E900

The strengths of the camera are it’s rugged build with ergonomic grip; its superb Fujinon® 4 x optical zoom lens, plus Fuji’s unique ‘Real Photo Technology’, a system that rapidly translates data from the 5th Generation of its CCD HR sensor into JPEG files. The CCD sensor produces an amazing nine megapixel image. RAW images may also be saved if you wish to process the CCD data on your computer. The high [800 ISO] setting ensures excellent images even when lit just by candle-light! The slow [ISO 80] setting guarantees low noise, studio quality images for still life, landscape and copying.

Nine megapixels mean that huge prints of sizes A3, or even larger may be made.

Amazon Bray has a haircut, FinePix E900 image- Image copyright Stephen Bray
This E900 image was successfully
enlarged to 30″ x 48″

There are ten shooting modes including a movie, [motion JPEG with monaural sound], mode. Movies may be recorded at 640 x 480 pixels, or 320 x 240 pixels.

The camera may be used in fully auto mode, or full manual control is possible opening up further creative possibilities. The various camera modes are discussed elsewhere in this section.

Continuous shooting is possible with the FinePix® E900. There are a number of different choices available to help you obtain a photograph that is perfectly times.

The built in flash is relatively powerful when used at the higher ISO settings, and is certainly useful to provide an atmospheric fill when light is very poor.

A large [2″] LCD monitor allows you to carefully compose images. Importantly the E900 also has an optical viewfinder, which although small is essential when taking photographs in low light, or sporting events when using a LCD monitor is difficult.

Candle lit shot taken with FujiFilm FinePix E900 Digital Camera by S J M Bray
The sole illumination for the flesh tones
is a single candle

The LCD allows you to instantly play back your photographs, and also to check histograms to ensure that the correct exposure has been made. Plus or minus two stops EV, [light value[, is possible in most modes and these may be set at 1/3 of a stop intervals that guarantees optimum exposures.

There is a range of white balance settings from full auto mode, to the ability of the camera to measure and capture a custom setting using a white card.

The camera comes bundled with FujiFilm® FinPix® Viewer and Editor.

A number of custom accessories are also available for this camera.



Getting Started With Your Fuji FinePix® E900

First things first ~ what’s in the box and what to do with it!
RAW or JPG – which format is right for you

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