Understanding The E900’s Fujinon 4x Optical Zoom Lens

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The Fujifilm® FinePix E900® compact digital camera boasts a Fujinon® 4 x optical zoom lens. Fujinon® lenses have long been respected by professional photographers for their optical quality. This particular lens has a variable focal length of 7.2 mm – 28.8 mm producing the equivalent perspective as a 32 mm – 130 mm zoom lens on a 35 mm film camera.

The Fujinon® 4 x Optical Zoom Lens

The 4x zoom range is far more versatile than the 3x zoom lenses fitted to most compact cameras. All elements are constructed from optical glass, [not plastic], consisting of 6 elements in 5 groups. There are 3 aspherical elements.

The maximum aperture is f2.8 at the wide angle setting. This reduces to f 5.6 at the other, [telephoto], end of the scale. The minimum aperture is f 8. Aperture settings can be set in ten steps at 1/3 ev increments.

The lens will focus as close as 60cm [2 feet] in normal mode, and 7.5 cm [3 inches] in macro mode.

The lens retracts into the E900 camera body when the camera is switched off where it is covered by an automatic lens protector.

Two Fujinon lens adapters are available. These are fitted via the optional AR-FXE02 lens adapter ring, [which also accepts 42mm filters]. The Fujinon® 0.76 wide-angle lens adapter WL-FXE01 is particularly useful for architectural photography. It also further reduces the minimum focal point of the camera when in macro mode for ultra high definition close-ups. The adapter provides the equivalent perspective of a 24 mm lens on a 35 mm film camera.

The TL-FXE01 1. 94x telephoto lens adapter is a high quality unit that must not be confused by non-proprietary alternatives. This adapter, which also requires the AR-FXE02 lens adapter ring, converts the E900’s lens to provide an equivalent perspective of a 248mm lens on a 35 mm film camera.



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