Ecademy Interrupted My Flow!

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Some of my regular readers have started to e-mail me to ask why the flow of regular postings have been interrupted lately. I can tell you in one word and that word is Ecademy.

Ecademy is a networking web-site for business-people. I like the idea of networking between business persons. I even started a business community for Barclays Bank some years ago. Irem also co-ordinate a business breakfast club in Salisbury called ‘Rainmakers’, and I belonged to ‘The Breakfast Club’ in Blandford Fourum which was started by Ieke Van Stokkum and Nigel Port.

Inevitably networking would come to the Internet, and networking for business is an obvious extension.

Penny and Thomas Power founded Ecademy seven years ago – according to The Daily Telegraph the web-site is now up-for-sale and figures as high, (or low), as $20,000,000 are rumoured to be on the table.

Heady stuff, but why has that delayed my posts here at Pebbles Form Paradise? Quite simply because belonging to Ecademy is for some a full-time job. One individual who doesn’t even like the web-site told me recently that he makes over $1000.00 dollars a month in passive income due to his being a member of Ecademy and others are certainly more active.

Ecademy’s front end is quaint, even antiquated by modern standards. Banners flash and rotate at the edges, whilst the overall design has the aesthetics of a spreadsheet. Once you get beneath this however the site offers a great many functions, is teaming with articles, blogs, special interest clubs you can join, people to help you, and debate about ethics and method.

There’s also lots of free stuff at the moment that Ecademy is giving away because it’s celebrating recruiting its 100,000th member.

Many Ecademists are high pitchers. Roger Hamilton runs impressive services for Entrepreneurs in the Pacific Region and he’s heading this way. Leon Benjamin is a visionary who writes on the changing nature of work and the idea of ‘Winning Through Sharing’, Martin Dewhurst aims to eradicate world poverty through his ‘Penny On Trust‘.

I’ve spent hours on the web-site just learning how to use it. I’ve played with some business models as well as corresponded with other Ecademists. There are fantastic people there but rest assured though, from today, I’m also back on the blog!

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  1. Ieke Says:

    Nice to see you are a live and kicking – hope all is well with you and the family.
    be good to hear from you.

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