Fuji X100 Predicted Here Four Years Ago!

Last year saw a lot of speculation about the possibility of Fuji releasing a Micro Four Thirds camera sometime this year.

In 2006 I speculated that Fuji might release a Four Thirds Rangefinder camera.

In 2006 Stephen Bray wrote to my mind the current FinePix Super CCDs are so good that if the sensor size was ramped up just a little amazingly good images could be obtained by using a four-thirds sensor, and lens mount.My 2006 Concept Camera For Fuji

Neither happened but FujiFilm have now revealed that in 2011 they will release the next best thing. It’s called the FinePix X100 and it’s very exciting.

It looks like a rangefinder camera from the 1950s. In fact it’s not a true rangefinder but it has a focus confirmation light in the viewfinder.

The viewfinder is a new kind of optical hybrid. You can switch from a traditional point and shoot optical viewfinder, (with an information overlay), to a full electronic viewfinder at the touch of a button.

The lens is a crisp 23mm F2 prime lens. It includes a built-in 3x ND filter that enables you to create shallow depth of field even in bright lighting conditions.

The camera is clearly a rival to Leica’s X1, which is similarly specified but has received disappointing reviews by some due to its slow processing.

It also goes head to head with the Micro Four Thirds System, like Leica, claiming the APS sensor ultimately produces better quality than the smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor.

In my view Four Thirds is big enough for most applications. The Four Thirds system also offers the possibility to change lenses.

I suspect that Fuji may well offer wide and telephoto add-on lenses, in the similar way as they make for my FinePix E-900. Leica are promising something similar for their X1, but to my knowledge nothing has been released.

The Fuji X100 will appeal to many photographers, especially if the lens is a good as promised and the processing works efficiently.

Professionals are likely to find the X100 appealing but in the end it’s people who make photographs work, rather than cameras.

Fuji X100 Hubrid Raetro Digital Camera

The Shape Of Things To Come?

3 Responses to “Fuji X100 Predicted Here Four Years Ago!”

  1. G Aon (Swiss) Says:

    Hi there

    Kudos for the approximate prediction you had about the Fujifilm x100 release.

    I would love to have a one-line fast reply if you don’t have much time, for a simple question since I’m an enthusiast beginner, and the question is :

    “according to the specifications, which do you think has a BETTER IMAGE QUALITY that looks more impressive. A Micro 4/3 like Lumix GF1 , GF2 , and also Lumix DMC-LX5, OR THE NEW X100 from Fujifilm?”

    thanks in advance

  2. Stephen Bray Says:

    For me it’s less about image quality and
    more about the image in my mind.

    My pictures for TreesandSky.me
    were all taken using four thirds cameras.
    Michael Eldridge used a 6 MP Nikon and
    we both made large prints.

    Technically mine were better, artistically
    he often had the edge.

    The Fuji will undoubtedly produce better
    quality for its fixed focal length lens, but
    not by much.

    On the other hand when you add some
    supplimentary lens attachment the quality
    and performance of the camera will decline.

    The Micro Four Thirds system is increasing
    in the number of dedicated lenses available,
    and just a quick search on Google reveals
    dozens of threads showing how people, using
    adapters, are able to use their old SLR and
    rangefinder lenses with the four thirds and
    micro four thirds systems.


  3. G Aon (Swiss) Says:

    That was more than informing .. thanks


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