Gaining Weight On A Juice Diet?

Well Irem and I are heading into the sixth day of our Juice Fast, Detox, or what you will. I would like to report that all is going smoothly, but it really isn’t that simple. Irem has lost another kilo, but I for some inexplicable reason have gained one, and no I haven’t been secretly eating cheese or cheating in other ways.

Certainly my all juice diet has made me appreciate some regular foods. When I close my eyes I see images of sunny side up fried eggs, dappled with a little Lee and Perrins.

I actually remarked to Irem this morning upon waking that I was looking forward to Christmas Dinner!

On the other hand the juices are becoming more and more palatable. My energy is up – it’s me that suggests going on longer walks whilst Irem, who is usually the tough one, claims to feel a little weak.

Today we walked up to the Amos Citadel taking the longer route through the White Houses. It was a beautiful day/ I found I had more stamina than in the past, although when I returned was quite pink, and also in need of a shower. I really needed the afternoon juice, probably drinking it to rapidly.

When I lay down, ‘for a few seconds’, to let it digest, and to rest my aching limbs my inner clock failed completely and I slept for over an hour at the end of which I felt right as rain.

I read recently that in some major cities of the world 60% of the population are infested with parasites, such as tapeworm. A large stomach can be a symptom of tapeworm and other nasty critters, but treatment with wormwood, or hot peppers, or spices, are traditional remedies to bomb these little beasts – so tomorrow I’m off to the market looking for hot peppers to add to the afternoon juice.

As to the extra kilo, it’s a puzzling anomaly – most likely caused by our ancient and cheap bathroom scales. Next week however I’m determined to eschew both solid snacks and weighing myself, so my reports will be more about psychological and practical discoveries.

View from the summit of Amos Citadel, Turunc, Turkey.

I rested against a tree after climbing rapidly to the top of Amos Citadel.

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