House for sale in Amos

Well, it’s an open secret around here now that our little house in paradise is up for sale. We’ve been here for ten years and have outgrown the place.

Of course we still love it.

I remember going to England to obtain plans for the kitchen and then going daily to the workshop as it was erected, not from pine but, from solid planks of marine quality walnut.

Amazon grew up here. We wore out a pushchair walking her around the estate, and spend almost as many hours on Marmaris industrial estate having the wheels and axles repaired, as we had spent in previous months supervising the construction of the kitchen.

A man in a flasher’s mac was brought here by our builder and introduced as a ‘barbeque ci’, a specialist in the construction of barbeques, he wasn’t.

A few years back Irem started planting a few vegetables and making compost. I became interested in permaculture thanks to David Stokes to whom I’ll always be indebted. We can’t do permaculture here.

So, we’ve decided to find some land and build an earthship.

It’s an ambitious project and impossible to achieve in one move. Nevertheless the first step is to leave paradise and rent a larger home, as an interim stage, until the future becomes clearer.

We are very excited :)

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  1. Ron & lin Says:

    We are both sad to have lost you from Amos, as you both brought colour & diversity to the community.

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