How I Changed Dean Holland’s Life, And Why You Should Care.

You probably have never heard of Dean Holland but he is one of Internet marketing’s rising stars.

Just two years back he and I were being coached by Alex Jeffreys, also a rising star and one that shines even brighter and stronger than either Dean or I, at least at the moment.

The Wheel of Fortune in Internet Marketing

Dean produced an e-book, which he offered as a gift at the time, which showed how to install a SEO optimised WordPress blog. I didn’t use it to launch this site but I have used it as the backbone of launching several others.

As a result I wrote a blog post elsewhere with the title: “How Dean Holland Changed My Life.”

I have always enjoyed life changing experiences. Back in the days of the ‘Human Potential Movement’ I attended lots of workshops and experienced Gestalt Therapy, Rolfing, Bio-energetics, Shiatsu, T.A, Gestalt, and Hypnosis.

Also I qualified as a therapist and founded a few psychotherapy courses and centres along with colleagues I met along the way.

Dean’s contribution to my change, however, was different.

His is the example of how someone starting with a simple blog, and a little coaching, can turn a £5000 credit card debt into a business that pays its affiliates £20,000 to £30,000 each month.

I am not so successful but I do make sales on-line.

Over at the Internet Marketing Warrior Forum I came upon an old post from Dean written long before his business really took off:

“Its a great feeling ya know ?! It just drives me even more to see the impact I am having on people

“In fact earlier I got a ping back to my blog so went to check it out what the site was… The subject of the post was ..

“Dean Holland changed my life !!!

“I mean.. WHAT !! Wow.. What a compliment.. I just couldn’t believe my eyes..

“The guy that wrote this – Stephen Bray just got my ebook and with it built his own blog.. In his words it made it simple !

“Sorry don’t mean to go on but that’s just the biggest business compliment and achievement I could get”

Now this post isn’t really about Dean, or me. It’s about you.

You see what goes round comes round. What you do in one cycle of life affects those that follow it, but in doing so  it also can affect other people too.

Have you changed anyone’s life recently?

5 Responses to “How I Changed Dean Holland’s Life, And Why You Should Care.”

  1. Pebbles Says:

    Very inspiring, somebody also changed my life but its a long story….but this story is really great,

  2. Mike Robertson Says:


    Not sure if you were in London for Alex’s seminar last week, 18&19th May 2013.

    It was an amazing event with Alex in fine form on stage & Dean definitely looked like he was enjoying it.

    Doubt he can remember much of it, more Sambuka than seminar. Why not, he’s achieved great success and deserves to enjoy it.

    It was funny because he didn’t even know they had won WSO of the day

    Reason for me sharing the story, both Alex & Dean continue to change lives on a regular basis.

    How do I know??

    Alex Jeffreys is my mentor,he’s definitely changed my life & I’ve watched him change many other peoples too.

    Two great blokes, keeping it real & making it happen

    Best Wishes


  3. Stephen Bray Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on that old blog post about Dean, and Alex.

    I worry about Alex and Sambuka, sometimes what you enjoy now can bring problems later, but I agree that we must all learn, adapt, change, and grow :)

    Of course Alex wouldn’t worry about winning WSO of the day. It’s not about small prizes for him, but rather the bigger picture. It’s not that we don’t need small wins, because they all add up, but rather that focusing on the small is the strategy of the small minded.

    Good luck with your marketing Mike. If there’s anything you think I may help you with please get in-touch.



  4. Toby Barnes Says:

    Hi Stephen and friends.
    I actually found this post after Googling your name. I did this because I heard about your praise of Dean’s “start a blog” ebook. Anyway, I’m glad I found your blog, and am really glad to find other Alex J. students on here. I signed up recently and I Love it!

    Oh yes… I almost forgot to ask… do you know where I might find his ebook please?

    For some reason – I can’t seem to find it on Dean’s blog. I guess he’s either removed it – or my brain isn’t working properly today :)

    Anyway, thanks for reading
    ~ Toby

  5. Stephen Bray Says:

    Sorry Toby,

    I’ve lost track of Dean . . . it was all a long time ago, and yes I believe he has remodeled his blog.

    I’m sure you can find a support desk for him on-line tho.

    Best wishes,


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