How To Learn German In 30 Days

TO LEARN GERMAN in 30 Days is uncommonly challenging for most of us. 30 Day Challenges were popularized by Internet entrepreneur Ed. Dale. They follow a simple formula.

  •  Identify a hungry market
  •  Create a defined target that will appeal to most members of that market
  • Provide resources to make the achievement of the target possible
  • and do so whilst collecting a list of customers for more of your products and services.

In Ed Dale’s case the aim was to make $1.00 on-line by the end of 30 Days, but German language teacher and translator Angelika Davey took a different tack last year when she challenged us to learn German in just 30 Days, with her help. Now there are people such as polyglot George Campbell who some say could become proficient in a new language in just 72 hours, but we’re not talking about acquiring that skill here. Angelika’s challenge is geared toward holiday visitors. As if creating a 30 Day Challenge isn’t enough Angelika has also published her challenge on Amazon Kindle. The pages link through to her Learn German in 30 Days web site, where you can access videos and extra resources. This is, of course where the power of her Kindle challenge will help both you, and her, as she is able to provide you with a variety of free and paid resources to enhance your ability to communicate in German.

Angelika Davey, author, translator, German tutor

Angelika Davey
Author, Translator, German tutor

Angelika’s website is I must confess, as someone who always had difficulty in learning a foreign language, I think her initiative is wonderful. Most of all, however, I’m impressed by the way she has linked her Kindle content to her web site. You can buy Angelika’s book through my not very cunningly disguised affiliate link. Click it and both Angelika and I will make some money, but then within 30 Days you will be speaking German. Here’s the link: Learn German for your holidays: 30 bite-sized tasks for your first trip

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