Isatanbul: Çapa Hospital At Night

Capa Hospital Istanbul at Dusk ~ photograph by Stephen Bray

Çapa Hospital at Dusk

It’s just amazing how much can change in an hour. Here, above, is a photograph of Çapa Hospital taken from Dr. Behiye’s pied à terre on the opposite side of the road.

Behiye is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Psychiatry at Istanbul University and is based at Çapa Hospital. She is also the President of Çocuk Akıl Sağliği ve Rehberliği Derneği, (The Turkish Association For Child Guidance and Mental Health), for whom I act, from time-to-time, as a clinical tutor and supervisor.

She invited Amazon, Irem and I for supper, and also a French guy called Antoine who brought along a very good bottle of 1999 Gamay.

After I had helped myself to a few glasses of it, (most Turks don’t understand wine and it would have been wasted on them), I took the photograph below.

Capa Hospital Istanbul ~ photograph by Stephen Bray

Çapa Hospital at Night

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