Juice Fast: Day 35

 Today marks the 35th day of our juice fasting experiment. Even our wonky bathroom scales show that I’ve lost another 3 kg. More importantly I’m experiencing heightened energy and creativity.

Hell, I’ve even started working in the garden and that’s a bloody miracle, especially since I’m enjoying it.

Irem and I are both looking forward to the arrival of some new cook-ware. We’ve decided to limit this juice fast to 40 days and then experiment with a more hybrid diet. All my old Macrobiotic cookery books are out of storage and I fancy some rice and lentil dishes just to break away from the raw food, at least for a few days.

Actually figuring out what to eat after this regimen is quite challenging because when you know your confined to freshly juiced fruit and vegetables it’s pretty easy to choose what to eat and how to prepare it. Once that boundary is down the sky is potentially the limit – except, of course, it isn’t for if I simply revert to my previous lifestyle I’ll put the kg back on faster than they dropped away.

It’s all pretty exciting really.

I’ll keep you posted.

A poppy in a hedgerow.

This poppy ‘spoke’ to me on Sunday’s early morning walk!

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