A meal at Kumlubuk Yacht Club ~ photograph by Stephen Bray

Oya Zorlu and Irem Bray Cleared Their Plates!

If you travel to any of the major cities of Turkey you may be able to find an authenic chinese meal. The closest we come to such a treat is to be found at the Yacht Club at Kumlubük. It is not recommended!

There’s little to criticise at The Yacht Club, mind you. It’s just that anyone who has sampled the most basic of chinese cooking knows that what the Kumlubük Yacht Club offers falls short.

Try them with authenic Turkish dishes and they are as good as any, and they excel at some.

Their baked kalimar is delicious. The pickled hemsi just melt in the mouth, and the service is efficient without being obsequious.

Last night we had supper at The Yacht Club. Unfortunately I ordered pancake rolls followed by sweet and sour chicken. Don’t make the same mistake when you visit Kumlubük Yacht Club.

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