Leica Summilux 25mm On Olympus E-400 Example Photograph.

Portrait taken with an Olympus E-400 fitted with a Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm Digital Lens ~ picture by Stephen Bray

Panasonic Leica Summilux 25mm at 1.4
Olympus E-400, ISO 100, 1/3200 sec

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The renowned photographer Alice Springs, born June Browne, aka the award winning actress June Brunell, and perhaps best known as the wife of the late German photographer Helmut Newton writes:

“Whenever Helmut tests a new colour film, he uses me as his model. I must wear the most unlikely clothes. The more the colours clash, the better the test.”

I don’t insist that Irem wear clashing items of clothing when I buy a new camera or lens, but I do use her as my model for the same reason that Helmut used to use June. I don’t have to pay her!

PS If you would like to see some images of the E-400 replacement from Olympus please click here, (Broadband connection recommended).

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