Life After Juice Fasting

It’s getting difficult to remember life before we started juicing. Perhaps it’s because I lost 25% of my original body weight? Maybe it’s because I can now touch my toes and no longer need a long-handled shoe horn to put them on? It could be because every morning I’m up between five and six working in the garden, but I think it’s because I feel more balanced, more energetic, am slower to rile and make better decisions.

We no longer simply drink juice. Some mornings we have juice for breakfast, and some afternoons for lunch too, but mostly we eat two tasty salad dishes with a little added protein, such as fish, eggs, or even içli köfte! We don’t go without juice though, instead we make up a small glass and drink it as an appetiser before our meal.

On the days we solely drink juice for breakfast we augment it with some fresh cocoa powder, which we buy from Marmaris spice bazaar, and some fresh nuts with flax and black sesame seeds. Sometimes the cocoa powder, which floats on the surface, catches in the back of the throat and makes us cough.

One of the best parts about juicing is the knowledge that it’s O.K. to skip an occasional meal because juice bars are to be found in most places, and a glass of juice will suffice as a replacement. That said the best juices are made at home :)

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