Loving Photography: What It Is, And Why The World Needs It.

There are probably far too many websites about photography and far too few about loving.

35mm transparency film

When we love although we may remember our experiences as tastes, smells and other sensations most-likely our memories are recalled as pictures.

Photography captures memories in a way that no other medium is capable of doing. Where movies take us right back into the action a good still photograph encapsulates all of it.

Years later when we look at the photograph all the loving we experienced originally is reawakened.

You may think that we photographers take photographs to please ourselves? This is only partly true.

I for one take pictures so that I may share experiences with others, especially family members living in different countries or of different cultures.

You probably wanted to do something similar when you got your first camera.

Unfortunately too many people lose their way shortly after entering the world of photography.

This is a pity because a camera is a great means to demonstrate loving devotion to others, both those living at a distance, and also those living close at hand.

When their first pictures fail to capture the photograph that they saw in their imagination it’s easy to give up photography.

People are very quick to criticise a photograph of mother because her head is chopped off out of the frame, or the features are blurred even when an auto focus camera has been used.

If you’ve been told that you’ll never make a good photographer, or if you’ve come to believe you will never master photography this is all about to change,

Perhaps you’re one of life’s solitary individuals who take beautiful pictures which rarely get published or see the light of day? If so you’ll find help here to lovingly share your creative photography so that you will be better understood and loved.

It’s mostly men who invest in expensive photographic equipment and take lousy photos of their dog, or cat, or girlfriend.

Gradually their love for their camera seems to replace their love for the pet, or partner, but the photos don’t improve.

The problem is that whilst in skilled hands the camera is undoubtedly an extension of self, love for a camera is therefore self-love of the kind that rarely leads to happiness.

Women rarely make this error. They like to photograph children, usually their own or neighbours and willingly share their prints with others.

Women played an important role in the development of photography as early as the nineteenth century and they continue to be some of the most talented photographers today.

The goal of loving photography is the joyful sharing of photographs, rather than the acquisition of cameras, lenses and other equipment.

Understanding how to use the equipment you possess undoubtedly will help your photography be more successful. This in turn will increase your ability to be appreciated for your photography, to widen your circle of friends, and perhaps even take on commercial assignments.

People will find here at PebblesFromParadise.com both the techniques for creating memorable images, and also those for loving the subject matter of their photographs.

I believe that life, and loving are reciprocal. The more we appreciate life, and love our world and the diversity of people and interests within it, the more we can understand what it is to live.

Article copyright S. J. M. Bray ©2007

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