Marmaris: Chinese Spring Rolls

Chinese Rolls at Pineapple Restaurant, Marmaris, Turkey ~ photograph by Stephen Bray

Superior Chinese Rolls, at Pineapple Restaurant, Marmaris, Turkey.

I was still, yesterday, under the influence of the inferior Chinese cuisine from Wednesday and determined to make up the deficiency. So today took us to The Pineapple Restaurant in Marmaris.

Gentle reader, if at this point you worry that this journal will degenerate into the style of, which used to concern itself with ballooning, corkscrew collecting, elephant polo, and London telephone box ‘tart’ cards, but now seems devoted to exploring the better restaurants of Bangkok, fear not. The collective archives will show that this journal won’t just be about food. Today, however, it is!

Pineapple produced the second best* French Onion Soup I have ever tasted. Their fried goats cheese was second to none, and theirs were true Chinese rolls in an authentic sauce. The restaurant doesn’t do a full Chinese menu and the rolls are a starter, but I ask for one and a half portions to be served as a main course.

For pudding we shared a tiramisu.

Yum :-)

*Kindly note: The best French Onion Soup I have ever tasted was also made at Pineapple, but by the previous head chef!

Also, the very best tiramisu I ever had was in London in the company of my eldest daughter Hannah. Netsel Marina offers two credible tiramisu within yards of each other. One is at Pineapple, and the other at The Orange Tree. I am hoping Hannah will help me decide to which establishment the Pebbles From Paradise Golden Tiramisu Award will go!

4 Responses to “Marmaris: Chinese Spring Rolls”

  1. Hannah Braye Says:

    My tastebuds will be happy to oblige!

  2. Stephen Bray Says:

    You will not be disappointed. The tiramisu here is very good.

    Dad x

  3. Shabanuk Says:

    Try the spring rolls at the newly reopened Happy Chinese Restaurant,just down the road from the Caria Hospital. Delicious!

  4. Stephen Bray Says:

    I will indeed sample your Chinese Rolls, and they had better be up-to-par!


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