Marmaris: No Roast Beef To Be Had!

The Orange Tree Cafe Netsel Marina, , Marmaris ~ photograph copyright Stephen Bray

The Orange Garden: A Superior Street Cafe In Netsel Marina

It seems to be becoming a Sunday ritual that we find ourselves in ‘The Orange Garden’ at Netsel Marina. Yesterday we went there because Levent had promised that Roast Beef, with Yorkshire Pudding would be on the menu. Unfortunately it wasn’t, although it will be available next month. I had a chicken curry, which was very well seasoned, not as hot as my father would have liked it, and served with chips rather than rice. It was a good choice.

We had also promised to meet the incredible Sevenç there for lunch ~ she’s always good value!

Since we were last at ‘The Orange Garden’ Levent has installed a bar, which is similar to the one at ‘The Point Centre‘.

Amazon had two ice creams, a small one and one like Daddy’s.

It was a very pleasant way to while away an afternoon.

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