Noise Ninja, Power Retouche and Adobe PhotoShop!

A Low Key, Low Light, Portrait by Stephen Bray

Low Key, Low Light!

OK I confess, I have used a little Noise Ninja, Power Retouche and PhotoShop to enhance this ISO 1600 image captured by the Summilux in a virtually dark space.

And, truth be told, even though I much prefer the colours from Olympus E-400 to those coming from the Canon 20D, the 20D undoubtedly had better low light performance. Certainly images taken with it at ISO 1600 needed less ‘fixing’.

That said, when I look through my EOS 20D archive I can find no image attempted in such low light as this one was taken, so maybe it’s unfair to compare the cameras here?

The Zuiko 11-22 zoom arrives today. More soon.

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