Olympus EP-2 With Legacy Lenses

When I went to England in February I took just two legacy lenses: the OM Zuiko 50 mm and the OM Zuiko 24 mm. Both stalwarts served me well producing those wonderful 1970s results on this small digital camera.

But regular readers here will know that one of my favourite legacy lenses is the Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm, which was manufactured originally in East Germany for the Practica range of cameras. This is the lens I often use on the E-3 but today I put it on the EP-2 via two adapters.

The following shot was made in very low light. The exposure was 1/25th second at F 2.4 at 1600 ISO. Processed in Adobe Photoshop CS 4.

Olympus EP-2, Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm at 2.4, 1600 ISO, 1/25th second.

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  1. Wolfgang Lonien Says:

    Wow. What a nice photo of your cute girl. Thanks for sharing.


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