Juicing: A Hybrid Diet?

May 2nd, 2013

What is a hybrid diet? Well it’s the name I made up for a regimen that’s part juiced fruit and vegetables, and part solid food.

It occurs to me that there’s two ways of starting a hybrid diet, and they must be very different experiences.

One way to start is how Irem and I have made the transition. We drank fresh juice for a period of time, and then slowly added solid food back into our eating.

But some people might never attempt a period of pure juicing, but simply replace one of their meals, or supplement their diet with pure juice. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but it occurs to me that although it seems easier, it may not be as straightforward as following a time of pure juicing.

Why do I think this so? It’s really quite simple. When you go on a pure juice diet all that sustains you is pure juice, but this means that in one act of will you eschew tea, coffee, alcohol, meat, fish, eggs, pasta, bread, milk, cheese . . . shall I continue?

When you stop surviving on pure juice your choice is what to put back into your eating habits, rather than what to give up.

If you attempt a hybrid diet from day one then you must choose just what you’re going to eat with your juice. Quite frankly, if you’re a ten pints of stout a day man, no amount of juice is going to help you.

A sea view from the beach at Kumlubuk by Stephen Bray

Walking early gives us some wonderful sea views :)

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40 Day Juice Fast, An Evaluation

April 27th, 2013

Well we’ve now completed our 40 day juice fast and to celebrate I prepared some Norwegian smoked salmon, with scrambled eggs and a light salad for breakfast. It was washed down with a small glass of mixed fruit juice.

In order to give the appearance of a bang slap-up meal I served on small plates, the ones we used to use just for bread and butter. Although I ate faster than I would prefer, the habits of cutting lunch-hours during a busy previous life still have an influence, I really enjoyed our meal.

Irem savoured every mouthful. If we ever fall out and I need to get round her I now know that a few slices of smoked fish will bring her back to me.

I suppose really I should attempt to provide you with a real evaluation of our juicing experience. The good and the bad.

Starting with the bad, the first weeks are when you are likely to suffer the most aches and pains. I had yet to lose sufficient weight to really enjoy exercising until two weeks had passed. Even after two weeks occasional stomach aches and wobbles may be felt. I recall after around three weeks doing an enormous poo and my lower abdomen felt bruised and ached all morning after that.

On the other hand, as time passed my energy and mental acuity increased. I spend less time on the computer, and more time in the garden. I rarely watch DVDs before going to bed, and sleep earlier. I wake early, at around six, when I do some of my best writing, or work in Photoshop, then as it gets light go out for an hour’s gardening.

Perhaps it’s as much this excercise, as living on juice, which led to my losing 20 kg? Maybe, though it’s just that without tea, or coffee, I’m less toxic, and certainly living without any refined sugar?

And that’s really the problem. Had I simply drank juice for 40 days, and changed nothing else in my lifestyle, I could report how effective fasting in this way is. But so much extra has changed, so as a scientific experiment the results are inconclusive. On the other hand, my lifestyle and mental attitude is far more positve.

Later, Irem and I take a walk around Kumlubük, or stroll into Turunc to purchase goods and collect the mail.

Somehow life has become more balanced, and I’m even feeling a little sociable.

A land crab

When Irem and I returned from our morning walk we discovered that we share our house with a land crab :)

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Can You Still Poop On Juice Diet?

April 25th, 2013

Today I’m writing about something which you may find distasteful. If you are one of the few people in the world who due to some abnormality are unable to poop you need read no further. Enjoy it, or not, it’s a fact that most of us poop.

But do we poop when on a juice fast, you may wonder?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ – but if, like me, you pooped every day regular as clockwork, rain or shine, and at a certain time, then that treat is over. At least whilst fasting. On a juice fast you will poop every four or five days, and your poops will be darker than you’re used to. That is my experience anyway.

Today, what started as a mini poop became as time passed a midi poop, and then a monster poop. I was amazed!

But then I went to the scales and yippee I’m now in the top band of a healthy weight. Yes I’m 80 kg. I could do with being 75 but that will come.

In two days Irem and I will stop exclusively drinking juice. Then we’ll be on a hybrid diet, but what with all the extra exercise we’re performing in the garden and on walks and swimming I think we’ll continue to drop a few kg.

We decided to replace all our old frying pans today. We have a collection of cast iron pans arriving soon. I look forward to using them.

Sea view

From today’s early morning walk.

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