Photography: Canon 40D Lightroom Monochrome

Monochrome image copyright Dave Beckerman

Ocean Cruise by Dave Beckerman

New York photographer Dave Beckerman has been experimenting with the Canon 40D and Adobe Lightroom. Beckerman who has used almost every kind of equipment from large format to Leica is producing very nice results.

Although some say the 40D isn’t a substantial improvement over the Canon 30D it replaces it cannot be denied that it is a fine machine capable of exceptional results in the hands of photographers of Beckerman’s calibre.

You may read more about Beckerman’s Canon 40D experiments here, and purchase his work from his photography store.

Kindly note: The image on this post is the property of Dave Beckerman and used here as ‘Fair Use’ as editorial comment within the context of a critical article on digital photography.

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