Photography: Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm 2.4 lens for Macro Photography

Yesterday I waxed about just how good the Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm Flektogon lens is when mounted on a four thirds digital camera. I keep mine mounted on my Olympus E-3 and regard it as my most flexible and versatile lens.

It’s perfect for portraiture, although some might argue a little sharp. It has wonderful bokeh, is just 1 cm longer than a standard 2.5 cm lens for the four thirds body. You can take very natural looking images with this lens . . . but here’s a special bonus.

The Flektogon will focus down to just a few cms. You can actually get closer to your subject with it than with a Zuiko 50mm Macro and the results are very fine indeed.

If I were asked to choose just one lens for my E-3 this would be the one I would take. It’s relatively fast, crispy clear and sharp, provides a natural perspective yet may be used for portraiture without flattening and fattening the subject and has a macro capability.

What more can you ask?


Uncropped image from E-3 and Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm combination

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