Photography: Four Thirds System Lenses Compared

Olympus Zuiko 11-22 Digital Zoom Lens at 22mm sample image by Stephen Bray

Olympus Zuiko 11-22 Digital Zoom lens at 22mm

A few days ago I displayed this image taken with the Olympus Zuiko 11-22 Digital Zoom lens at 22mm. It was shot at F 3.5, the widest aperture possible for the lens.

The same day I also took some photographs with some other lenses. These support wider aperture settings.

The 50mm Panasonic/Leica Prime may be set at an aperture of F 1.4, which creates an extremely narrow depth of field. Notice how the background is thrown out of focus, losing the distracting detail in the 11/22mm shot above.

Panasonic Leica 25mm Prime Lens Sample Image by Stephen Bray

Panasonic/Leica Summilux 25mm Digital Prime at F 1.4

The very best portrait lens, however, must be the 50mm Olympus Zuiko Digital Macro. It’s light unobtrusive and with a maximum aperture of F 2.0 it’s still pretty darn fast!

Olympus 50mm Zuiko Digital Macro Lens sample image by Stephen Bray

Olympus Zuiko 50mm Digital Macro Lens at F 2.0

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