Photography ~ Old 35 mm lenses on DSLRs

Some years ago I walked into the Poole branch of Dixons and traded my Pentax LX for an EOS 100. I stayed with Canon when I moved to digital but then switched to the Olympus DSLR system. My favourite body is the Olympus E3, mainly because of the superb build and also the full size viewfinder.

Despite the delight of digital, however, I miss the sheer tonal quality of a well exposed film image. Sometimes I lapse back into film for a week, or so, but frankly digital is far more convenient as a medium.

One way to get back to a film like quality is to use old 35mm lenses and then to spend some time in processing the result from the RAW file. Prophoto RGB is a boon for this. The following image was shot is my E-3 fitted with a Carl Zeiss Jena 42mm lens built for a Pentacon 35mm camera. Processing was done in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS4.

Flektogon 2.4 at F2.8 on Olympus E-3
Flektogon 2.4 at F2.8 on Olympus E-3

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