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Screenshot From X Site Pro

19:29 p.m.

I built a website some time ago in order to demonstrate the virtues of X-Site Pro. X-Site Pro is a web design tool designed specifically for Internet Marketers. Most just need a few pages of information, maybe a form so someone may sign up to an e-mail list, and I guess some order forms.

S-Site Pro makes all of this easy, even for newbies. I wondered how far X-Site Pro could be stretched, and over a few days built an information site than now ranks at number 1 with major search engines for my chosen key words.

The site numbers many hundreds of pages and includes details of films, t.v. shows, a novel, the background to its characters and plot, as well as some order pages to products.

All of these were made with X-Site Pro. The graphics for my demo site were made in Adobe Photoshop, but X-Site Pro gives you lots of ready made graphics that can be used ‘as-is’, or easily adapted, if your needs are simple.

To visit my X-Site pro demonstration site simply click here.

X-Site Pro Screen Capture

19:44 p.m.

Once you are satisfied that the program can meet all your web-editing needs be sure to click here and place your order for it.

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