Trouble At Mill?

Amazon exchanges gossip with Levant ~ photograph copyright Stephen Bray

“Ayla says she’s no longer talking to Mummy,”
Alternative caption: Amazon exchanges gossip with Levent

Phillip wrote a day or so back extolling the virtue of sepia toned prints. In my time like most photographers I’ve made a few sepia photographs the old fashioned way and now can easily do so in Adobe PhotoShop. This image, however, isn’t sepia. It’s a simulated Palladium print created using the PowerRetouch toning filter.

The picture shows Amazon and Levant at Levent’s new cafe in Netsel Marina. The place was quite busy, especially for a weekday. We came in order to catch-up on news and were not disappointed as Levant was able to show me some interesting documents concerning financial matters on the Amos Estate.

It will be fascinating to see how his story develops, but for the moment my lips are sealed ­čśë However, If you own a property on the Amos Estate and have recently received a threatening letter purporting to come from a lawyer representing the management you may do well to check its authenticity!

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