Turunc: Paradise Pide

Years ago Stephen Potter made it clear that the very worst thing you can do in the world of lifemanship is to be seen out and about in fashionable bars and restaurants. Above all the very, very, mega worstest thing is to come across as ‘flashy’, (a sure sign of the nouveau, or nouvelle, rich).

Whilst I don’t completely agree with Potter, for I enjoy Holanda Ahmet’s ‘Yacht Club’ in Kumlubuk, (where Mick and the Stones once played an impromptu concert one evening around forty years ago). I think Pineapple is a fine restaurant in Marmaris, and indeed recently I was to be found at at Baris Usta’s new establishment near it.

By far the most overlooked establishment in Turunc, at least as far as tourists are concerened is Paradise Pide. It’s clean, unpretentious, serves good food at economy prices and on more than one occasion has served as my studio.

Here’s another image taken there.

Irem being demure at Paradise Pide

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