What Do Paris Hilton And Internet Entrepreneur Mike Filsaime Have In Common?

Paris Hilton's Stretch Hummer

Paris Hilton’s Stretch Hummer

Just a couple of days ago I was writing about how Americans might lead the way by reducing spending of fuel. There is a campaign running at the moment, which points out among other matters that oil imported from the Middle East may indirectly serve to increase the revenue of those of Anti American sentiment.

I had been informed that running SUVs is today considered unfashionable in most, if not all, of America’s 50 States, but it seems that this information isn’t accurate.

The stretch Hummer above belongs to Paris Hilton, who according to a recent copy of Hello Magazine says: “It’s cool to be able to buy what I want, and not have to ask my family.”

I admire this sentiment, indeed I respond along similar lines when people claim that this journal lacks focus. “It’s my website”, I retort, “I’ll write what I ****! like in it.” But there again I hope that what is written here does little to contribute to the energy crisis, indeed I hope that this post may in some small way help to work for the forces of ecology, for it seems something needs to be done. Take for example the example of Mike Filsaime.

Mike is known to be one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet in the world of Internet marketing. He was earning $180,000 per year as the manager of a New York car dealership when his boss found he had been moonlighting on the Internet and told him to stop. Mike simply held out his hand and saying: “Thanks for the memory.” What the boss didn’t realize was that Mike’s Internet earnings were about to rocket. He earned $850,000 in the year after he left his paid employment.

Now he, like Paris Hilton, can say: “It’s cool to be able to buy what I want”, but why did he decided to buy this huge truck is beyond me!

Mike Filsame's Toyota Sequoia

Mike Filsaime With His Toyota Sequoia

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