Photography: Spreading A Little Love

There’s a lady at our village market whom I’ve long wanted to photography, but even as I’m becoming an insider I’m too shy to ask. You see I must live here and I don’t want her to think that I’m exploiting her traditional appearance.

Recently she exchanged her wonderful gold teeth for white ceramic ones but her smile still radiates. Next to her stall her friend has a pitch. She too is a very nice lady but she rarely smiles.

We buy home grown vegetables and milk from the unsmiling lady every week. A few weeks back she got Irem’s change wrong and undercharged her by about fifty Kuruş, roughly 0.22 Euro.  She sought us out at another stall and asked for it.

This week our lady with a golden smile gave us some vegetables free of charge after we had made our purchases. If we were forced to choose between buying from of these two ladies you can guess to which we would prefer to deal?

The same holds good for photographers. I recently completed a photo shoot for a High School yearbook. Aydin from Sezen Dijital made a wonderful collage of the students and gave it in a frame to the girl who had sought me out and masterminded the shoot.

Aydin and Sezen also have helped me out on many occasions, whereas another Marmaris photographer once charged me over 100 TL for some large test strips a year or so back. In the past he sold me cameras but he doesn’t get my custom now.

You may think what I write here is just about the economics of making sales, but no I also think it applies to taking pictures. Whereas Henri Cartier-Breson and Garry Winogrand would hunt down images by blending into the scene the new kid on the block Martijn Van de Griendt from Holland becomes an insider, which enables him to create intimate photographs of various sub cultures.

You can’t do that without a smile, or sincerity.

Sccessful images come from being close and on the inside.

Why Not Spread A Little Love?

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