Photography: Henry Diltz and the Photo Adventure

Today it’s the vogue to promote the idea that businesses must be tightly planned. Indeed there’s some merit in the thought that a fool with a plan will be more successful than a genius without one. But unless you want to lose your mind in the slavery of a high street photography practice, making passport images and the like, some artistry and serendipity also helps.

Henry Diltz was drawn into photographing bands in the 1960s and 70s because he too was a musician and so had access to friends who would rise to become the rock stars that immortalised a generation devoted to love and peace.

Back in the 60s very photo-shoot for Diltz was an adventure, and this is still the way he likes to work today. Indeed although people phone asking him to emulate covers from old albums that he shot, this is of no interest to him. For this reason every photo-shoot he undertakes produces original works of art, just as every musical composition is unique.

Frankly I’m worried by the way that Web 3 has a tendency to homogenise the way that businesses are promoted on-line. I write this blog largely because I enjoy putting my thoughts out here. No doubt I’ll continue to use aspects of Web 3.0 to promote my work, but every photographer really must remember that the work comes first. Only when there’s something of original merit worth marketing does 3.0 come into play.

Photography by Stephen Bray
In the meantime ~ have fun :-)

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