Why You Should Not Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

When I was a small boy they installed a computer at the nearby army camp. It was the size of two barrack huts. My youngster’s imagination, however, was able to create the possibility of smaller computers capable of answering all my problems and queries.

It was years before the P.C. became a commonplace feature of life, almost as long as the Internet being made available to those with a modem, but today it is possible to type in a few words into a search engine and for an apparent answer to your problems to appear.

This week I started to make a series of videos to promote my Kindle book. I am posting them on YouTube. As with all things video, the most difficult part of making competent recordings is the management of the audio. You need a good microphone, and you need good background music.

I was looking for some 1920s period music and found several places where some may be downloaded. The Internet Archive was one place where there was masses of music posted, which was said to be in the public domain. It was listed similarly elsewhere. When I posted my video to YouTube, however, a robot almost immediately identified the track, told me it was in copyright, and who administered the rights. This happened twice, with ‘public domain’ music from different sources.

In the end I took a trip to AudioJungle and bought a small loop of music for a few dollars.

So much for the accuracy of Internet based information.

On the other hand I learned about juicing on-line. Juicing is a way of getting concentrated micro-nutrients into your system without consuming bulky fiber, and especially avoiding carbohydrate. Using this method I lost 25% of my original body weight and dropped from a dangerous 100 kg to a healthy 75 kg. My energy and productivity is up, my mental acuity better than ever, and I’m more boundaried.

But the point is I didn’t know that the so called ‘public domain’ music was still in copyright, at least in the U.S. until I tried posting it at YouTube, and I didn’t know that juicing would help me effectively lose weight until I set out to use the method.

The Internet provides both good, and inaccurate information. It’s up to you to try it out and see :)

Take a look at my first YouTube video. It’s about Pain, Narcissism and The Great Gatsby . . .


My next video will be about Don Draper ­čśë

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