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Photography and Psychoanalysis Book Cover

Based on an idea by Eadweard James Muybridge.

Sometime in December I started to write a book for Kindle charting the circular relationship between Photography and Psychoanalysis.

Initial progress was rapid and in less than a week I had completed a rough draft – then came the arduous task of revisions. These went quite well, but I find that much as I believe in improving text very often revisions result in anomalies, such as paragraphs that begin in one tense and end in another, or sentences becoming ungrammatical because some words from the previous style weren’t removed.

A couple of people were lined up to write introductions. Both dragged their feet, and in doing so improved the work considerably because I thought of a couple of extra paragraphs, as well as devising illustrations which people generally agreed are improvements. By early February I had one introduction, but the person who was to write the second had a serious accident – so I had to find someone else.

Now the Foreword, won’t be with me until mid April. I know this because the person who will write it is both busy and organised and has told me when I will receive it. In the hiatus I started a second book called ‘Photography and Zen Buddhism’. This has neither flowed with the grace of Zen, nor the speed of the earlier title, but it is doing its work upon me – indeed I’m coming to enjoy the process because I find the book to be slowly transforming me.

For this reason I have taken to this blog after a year’s absence so that I may share some of my discoveries.

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